Friday, November 5, 2010

In Which I (Continue to) Contemplate Another Dog

I am not certain what it is about me that makes me who I am and directs my interest in such (shall we say?) interesting ways. I am in the process of becoming involved in more volunteer activities and continue to look for other ways to -- to what? -- better the world?

I am considering the adoption of our second dog, and once again cannot get one that would be easily adopted by another person. Instead, I look to the ones who will, perhaps, not find a forever home. At the top of the unadoptable list sit the aggressors, though I cannot in good conscience adopt an aggressive dog at this stage in my life. Second on the list are the special needs dogs, which is the category to which our eyeless bard belongs. I still cannot believe how very lucky we are to have him! He is the perfect companion, and (if all goes well) on his way to being a therapy dog (the usual dog sports being a not-quite-right fit for this cuddle-monkey).

Next on the list are the senior dogs, some of whom are lucky enough to find themselves at S.A.I.N.T.S. in Mission, BC. I'm hoping my hubby and I will be able to go on one of the tours offered by S.A.I.N.T.S. one day...and in the meantime I'm wondering if we're one of those homes that would be right for a senior dog **coughcoughwithspecialneedscoughcough**.

There are three dogs on the site right now who could possibly be a good fit: Esther, Pixie, Larry.

...yes, I'm quite possibly insane. I just have this, well, I think it's an urge, but I also have the ability (or will have once I find employment again) to give dogs who are less adoptable a really incredible and loving home. Oh, Insanity, how well you suit me.

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