Thursday, November 18, 2010

In Which Jobs & Dogs Are Discussed

My resume seems to have good government responses, which is both blessing and curse. In many ways it is a blessing, for I would very much like to work for the government, and within the government would like to work for causes I support or vital services we need. I have been selected for a few such opportunities, which is where it becomes a curse. Perhaps in keeping with our stereotypes of bureaucracy, the process is slow. A job I applied for in May has just now offered me an interview on Monday. Another job I applied for in June is starting its screening process now. I am also in the pool (where we can swim forever and never be picked) for a third government position. Should I (as I hope to) ace my interview, work would likely not begin until February. That start date is much later than I had hoped to work, and certainly is not guaranteed as I have yet to be interviewed, nevermind offered the position! However, I have had no other real bites. I have been taking full advantage of new resources and now have an employment resource worker helping me, in addition to a wage subsidy program worker (with wage subsidy for me!) I have 13 weeks left of EI and motivation and ambition to fuel my job search. I just hope it works out well for me!

Yesterday was actually quite the day, today was as well, for that matter. Yesterday I received notice of my job interview and was absolutely elated by it. Then I received approval for the adoption of an incredibly sweet senior lab x! We are adopting a senior dog!!! The weekend after we return from Hawaii we will be picking her up and bringing her to her new and forever home. Given her age (she is 12), I don't know how long she will be with us, but for the time she is here we will love her and care for her and make sure she never feels anything but belonging and love. I'm very, very excited! She is a 12 year old girl with a five year old's energy and outlook (perhaps with a bit more of the mature calm). She's great with everyone, dogs, cats, kids, adults...the whole bunch, and it will be good to have a more active dog to encourage our little cuddlebug to get up and play a bit more.

Today was a good day because my little sister passed her driver's examination for her novice license. She can now scoot around town by herself! How cool is that? She practiced hard for it, and all that study and the many hours we spent driving did her much good, and I'm very proud of her!

In moving news, our I-130 was received by the California centre and we received a very official letter from them telling us as much in the mail. It's now on my fridge, and every time I walk past it I smile and think of the day when my match and I can truly share our lives with each other.

(and the dogs, too, I suppose). :D

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