Thursday, December 30, 2010

In Which I Consider Writing More Consistently

...for then I would not have So Much to Report and updates would not seem so daunting a task.

To begin, we have our new pup, who believes herself to be a mature five-year-old but in truth is a delightful 12-year-old. She is prone to anxiety, though it has yet to manifest itself fully (and will never do so if I have any say and/ or influence), but has recently started to peek out from behind her anxious mask, showing me a carefree and playful creature who'd like nothing better than to chase a ball and share cuddles. Not that she's a cuddlemonkey -- that title will forever belong to our Blind Bard, who has become the most well-balanced and perfect pup I could dream. He is a pack animal and now has a proper pack. 

What else is new? I have been offered the government job! When it starts I have no idea, but it's a great relief and a source of excitement for me. I only hope it begins before my EI runs out...after all these months of hard work & searching, I am to be gainfully and happily employed. I believe this job will be more in line with my values, which I can now easily articulate and adhere to thanks to the career transitions course.

What else can I write? I am quite happy with 2010, though I know it has been very hard for some, and though I had my share of sorrow in it as well. I am in the process of thinking up a word, a thematic word, for 2011. This year will bring such diverse experiences, new challenges, and change. So much change. It is difficult, knowing what is to come, to figure out what it is I'd like from the year. I do, however, believe it's a worthy goal, and as an ever-budding wordsmith, I feel the urge to find my word.

Anyway, 2010, you've been great. I will not be able to forget all the changes you've brought, nor the memories you've made. It's onto 2011. Omnia mutantur.

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