Monday, June 6, 2011

In Which We Ignore the Hiatus

Let's pretend no great pause (of nearly two months) occurred. And while we're in the realm of confabulation, let's pretend I have a important items to discuss (I don't). I'm home sick and have reached the point where I am bored of being sick (and this does nothing to improve the sick). Having slept most of the day away, I've managed to do more of nothing these past few hours. I started a spreadsheet for a 2012 (or 2013 depending on the budget) trip to Machu Piccu and the Galapagos Islands, siting a number of good resources for the hike, places to stay, and travel to and from the various places we mean to visit. The 'nucks are also playing tonight, but that started to be too painful to watch (6-1, not in their favour). Aside from that, I've pretty much decided to find small ways to pass the time until I can sleep again (9pm seems reasonable). I bought tickets for my hubby and I to see Bard on the Beach in late August (with what money? Who knows...), have reassured the dogs they are the greatest pets in the world, for they have been most tolerant with all the lounging today (and the complete lack of walks), for which I'm quite grateful (and guilty). I will take them out for a quick night constitutional (ha!) and hope that suffices until I am fully recovered from this sick tomorrow morning (at which point a walk we will have!) That is, honestly, about all for now.

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