Sunday, August 21, 2011

In Which I Put the Cart before the Horse

This week we received our "case complete" email, which means the next (and last!) step in the interview process is rapidly approaching. All we need now is an interview date! Sort of. Before I can go to my interview, I need to have my medical examination (at which point I will need my passport, four passport photos, and a few other items like $350 cash), and before I have my medical examination, I will need to get a few vaccinations (MMR, Adacel, Varicella, and one other I can't recall at the moment) that cost $250-$300 depending on whether or not the HST gets slapped on it. No word yet on how that vote went; results are due on August 25th. Let's step away from politics, shall we?

In light of, well, a light at the end immigration tunnel to the States, we've decided to pick a date for the move: March 17th.

Yes, that's right. Six months, three weeks, four days!!

Geez. I don't know if that countdown is as reassuring as I'd hoped.

We do, however, have many plans in the Meanwhile. From small events (Bard on the Beach next Sunday) to bigger adventures (Montreal, Los Cabos, New Orleans!), our time between now and then will be well spent. Besides, life with a bit of antici...pation is good, right? In just over half a year I will stop living like a single person, have a bit of savings, have gone on no less than three big trips, and finally (finally, FINALLY!) be living with my husband. :)

Oh, what adventures we will have then!!

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