Saturday, December 31, 2011

In Which Family Time Is Spent and the Camera Approaches

The holidays warrant a mention here, I suppose. Gabe and I spent the 24th on the island visiting family and eating way too much food, then Gabe left for work on the 25th and I joined my dad's side for more fun.

Lighting the Chanukkiyah

Homer in a Stocking

 Gifts were exchanged, stomaches were filled, and friendly competition came into play as we tackled various challenges and board games. 

Nana Unwraps a Present

Auntie Marie & Andrea with Little Teddy

The Cracker Hats: An Ongoing Tradition

Mom & Cuddlebug Mei Mei

(Side-note: above pictures are all thanks to my sister and her beau)

I was spoilt silly with all sorts of gifts from a Chapters gift card (the dreaming of new books just as good as the act of buying them!) to monetary presents. I'm now so much closer to that Canon EOS Rebel kit! I suddenly have $483 saved! :D No longer is 22 months my reality. I'm down to 11 months! How crazy is that? :)

Cameras Catch Moments Like This...

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