Friday, December 2, 2011

In Which I Have a Date with Debt

Just an update on the total, which is now $38553.54. This down from $39,293.50.

I am in the $38,000 range as expected, but I only paid $739.96.


A few items came up this month, all of which were optional investments:
1) Cavalia is going to be in Seattle. We missed the show when it was in Vancouver as we didn't have the funds and both regretted it. We bought the Seattle tickets with some of our overtime funds. Kiss $220 goodbye (we did this knowingly and happily).
2) Up next we came across the Star Trek dvds on sale. Okay, let's be specific here. This box set is the complete series of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Both Gabe and I got our nerd on and splurged at $238.49 (down from $488.99).
3) We added "Inception" to the Amazon order for under $5, as well.

What does that mean?
A smaller debt repayment, that's what.

I know debt sucks, but I'm not going to regret any of those items (especially not Cavalia!)

Random photo of the day:

Socially acceptable "___ was here" sign on the skytrain

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