Tuesday, January 17, 2012

61 Days

Reason #61: I want to write "travel plans will happen" as my reason for today, but I feel like that combines a few other reasons already written here (budget, cheap travel, living with my hubby...). Instead (or in addition?) I will say that I am excited to move to Seattle today because of the Huskies.

Yes, the Huskies: the University of Washington's college football team.

When I was in elementary school and everyone was wearing those really cool puffy jackets made by Nike, Adidas, and that other one...Dia-something-or-other, my dad bought me a jacket that was really cool and really puffy but stood out. He bought me a yellow and purple Huskies jacket that no one else had.

Best. Jacket. Ever.

Who would have thought over a decade and a half later, I'd move to and live in Seattle?

Haha. Well, maybe my dad did. ;)

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