Thursday, January 5, 2012

In Which a Goal Is Met and the Debt Beast Dwindles

Did I say 11 months? I meant this month. Obviously. :D

The Canon Rebel Ti1 I decided to save up for, what, last month?? Whoa. I just checked; it was a month ago to the day! Anyway, that camera is now mine. That is, I can now afford the camera seeing as I have $516.78 in my savings account. What, what? Yep. The camera (not the kit, but the camera) is $514 exactly with shipping. I can order it any day now and pay for it in, yes, you guessed it, cash.


I did more shopping around and realized I'd be better off buying the lens separately. I have a better chance of getting what I want, and I'll have more experience with the camera. In most cases, it also works out to be slightly cheaper or equal to my original target.

Other bonus: I can have the camera now.

What else do I have to report? My debt is now down to $37,830.23. This time last month I was sitting at $38,553.54. I suppose not every accomplishment can come as quickly as that camera has, and one needs to acknowledge progress when it happens! So, yay! More debt gone! I wish the amount I put into paying it off actually chunked away at the principal, but I guess the world is a slightly less-than-perfect place. In four years (less than four years...) this will not be a concern. :)

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