Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Travel Goals

In no particular order, I present my future travel plans:

- Antarctica (with camping, kayaking, and zodiak tours!)
- Fort Amherst, Newfoundland...and the rest of the Maritimes
- Tofino (to learn how to surf!)
- San Francisco (already booked the first of many trips to see family)
- Chicago (architecture, anyone?-- also the Museum of Science and Industry!)
- Boston
- New York (I can wait on this one...I feel I did the city--ha!)
- Israel, Dead Sea, Jordan (16 days at least, maybe even through G Adventures?)
- Pripyat, Ukraine, Russia
- Demster Highway
- Taj Mahal and other places in India
- Mongolia (horseback riding, nomadic wandering, Ger camps!!)
- Bhutan
- Phuket, Thailand
- Venice
- Philippines (I'd love to go back to Coron with Gabe!)
- Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia
- Cuba (before the US can go!)
- Brazil and Argentina
- Whitehorse and Emerald Lake
- New Mexico (Gabe has mentioned that one)
- Mount Rushmore (I want to see it!)
- Paris
- Scotland, England, Ireland
- Kekova, Turkey and Greece
- Peru and the Amazon jungle
- the Galapagos Islands (was going to twin this with Peru...but then I'd want 29 days...)
- Salem (for Halloween!)
- DisneyWorld, Florida
- Florida Keys
- Egypt
- Camino de Santiago (in a few trips)
- Barcelona, Spain, Morocco
- Colorado
- Everest Base Camp (yes, seriously!--going to train for this one!!) and Nepal
- Vulcan, Alberta, Canmore, and Biggar, Saskatchewan
- Oz and New Zealand
- Fiji
- Japan (I can wait on this one; I'm in no rush)
- Easter Island
- visit Mayan ruins and Belize
- Napa Valley
- Kenya (where can you see lions?) and Tanzania
- Cape Town, Kalahari Desert, South Africa
- Mount Kilimanjaro (Gabe's going to do this one with me!!)
- Iceland
- Norway
- Holland

That's about all of them. For now. Off the top of my head.

Yes, life can be this awesome.

It's time to hit that budget, find a job in Seattle, and finally, finally, finally live with my husband!!

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