Saturday, February 25, 2012

21 Days

Reason #21: Fresh rolls at Wedgewood Thai II. This is one of my first thought this morning, having just finished an insanely large (and supremely delicious) dinner made by Wedgewood Thai II last night. I know I've already said vegetarian Asian food as one of my favourites, but the Fresh Rolls here have earned their own slot in my favourite reasons to move.

After an unfortunate anal gland incident, Homer is recovering nicely, although if you asked his opinion, he'd probably tell you this whole Elizabethan collar thing is an odd form of torture. Gabe explained it best when he said, "Homer's not navigating well with this on. It's a struggle since he can't sniff the ground or hear accurately." We have one sad little blind bard in our house.
Poor Mr. Pants

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