Monday, February 20, 2012

26 Days

Reason #26: Seeking out new people and making the choicest ones friends. I have already decried my lack of friends (abundance, not quality) in Seattle, and while my concerns still stand, moving gives me an opportunity to meet new people. Just this past weekend we went to a house party hosted by a person Gabe knows through various connections and reconnections. Completely out of my element, I enjoyed myself thoroughly as I got to know (in a surface sense, yes) these new people. I forget how much fun a new social setting can be (for it can be an intimidating beast at times), and I suppose it will be a goodly part of my  not-so-distant future.

A job, of course, would assist in this making-new-friends business...however, I do not have one in Seattle, nor a prospect of one. Le sigh. What I do have, though, is a much improved resume. This is a huge step in the right direction. Now onto actually finding places that want me.


In other (better) news, we have a new fridge! In order to get the new fridge in successfully we had to complete a few other tasks, including painting the nook (done!), finishing the dining room chairs (finished!), and raising the wall behind the fridge (complete!). It was a very busy, but very productive weekend.

Gabe tackles the fridge wall

The old fridge

Our new and improved fridge!

Up next, those bookshelves....

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