Monday, February 6, 2012

41 Days and 40 Days because I Can't Count

Yes, seriously. I apparently messed up and skipped #44 when I was counting out the days in my day planner. We'll categorize this as a partial fail: I've lost a day somewhere, but we shall not lose reasons.

Reason #41: You can find a proper beignet in Seattle. Last October Gabe and I went to New Orleans and ate this tasty French doughnut; upon our return to the Pacific Northwest, I certainly wasn't expecting to find beignets here. I should have known Seattle wouldn't disappointment me. Culinary diversity abounds here, and I've discovered The Tin Table, which has beignets, and happens to be in our neighbourhood.

Reason #40: Customer service. Kuni and I were discussing this over dinner (sushi, great) this evening and the customer service in the States really is a massive step above that in Canada. I worry I may have already mentioned this, but it is so exceptional it may warrant a second say. ;)

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