Friday, February 3, 2012

44 Days

With only 44 days to go, I'm starting to feel the necessity of closing shop here and getting ready for my imminent move to the States. I have packed four bookcases of books, my craft-related supplies from the closet, and Nunavut tchotchka from the mantle. I have been going through other personal belongings trying to par down on possessions. At the risk of sounding like a terrible person, I have discovered many items I have kept out of a sense of obligation: small mementoes from my childhood, gifts I haven't used, souvenirs I brought back from various destinations. I am purging them from my life now, which I am certain would have horrified younger me (older me may still be horrified but will continue on course). I hope to take this new simplicity (which is a true stretch of the word--I still feel I own too many possessions, but for the record, books do not count) and apply it to future purchases, future travel. My budget loves the idea.

Reason #44: The vast array of older houses. One of my favourite pastimes is to hunt for houses (and by hunt I mean look online and see what I can't yet have). Seattle is riddled with heritage and older houses that take my breath away. Capitol Hill, in particular, has so many wonderful homes to send my imagination soaring.

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