Thursday, February 2, 2012

45 Days

Reason #45: Bigger sizes. And I don't mean the XXXXL, although I've seen that, too. The bigger sizes to which I refer are that of shoes. I am, on a small day, a size ten and a half (10.5). Trying to find a shoe that fits me in Canada is an exercise in frustration and humiliation. Most stores just do not carry a shoe bigger than a ten, and I'm lucky if a ten exists. I do most of shoe shopping (which is not much -- I don't have a shoe fetish) in the States and have yet to run into a problem finding my size. :)

Speaking of which, I need to save money for a new pair of work shoes and a new jacket. I've worn my current shoes and jacket into sole-less and oil-stained (respectively) tatters. I know exactly what I'd like, too. These shoes or these shoes, and a jacket like this (forest green fitted peacock...with a hood if I can find such a beast!--I can't explain why I have this idea in my head or from where it came, but it's here to stay).

Into the budget I go.

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