Monday, March 5, 2012

12 Days

Reason #12: Parking strip gardens. These are all over Seattle, with a high concentration of them in our neighbourhood here. Not reserved for pretty flowers alone, many of them offer food in the form of fresh vegetables and fruits for local families. You can have a look at them here.

The move is so close I feel sick with butterflies; Gabe says I have to stop eating them. I applied for two jobs today, both of which I am very qualified to do and would love to have. Both are through the YWCA and involve employment and education planning for Seattle's at-risk populace. Individual case management? Yes, please!

Fingers are super crossed. I'm going to hand-deliver my two applications today after I meet Gabe for lunch (my treat, his choice).

We've both been pretty stressed in our own ways as of late. Gabe has bookcases to build and a home to make ready for his foreign wife. I have a move to complete and a job to find... Each step in this process is a huge adjustment for both of us. I know we're up to the changes and as prepared as we can possibly be, but this is still overwhelming. What we're doing is not the traditional Living Together Massive, which is a huge step for any couple; we're also facing the Unemployment, Culture Shock Massive. Our plates are pretty full at this time...we only have 12 days left. :)

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