Thursday, March 15, 2012

2 Days

Reason #2: I'm only two and half hours from my family in Canada. They are what I'll miss the *most* about living here...specifically my siblings. I'm not so far away from them that seeing them regularly will be out of the question. Maybe not daily (as is my habit with my little sister), but regularly.

The truck is to be packed tomorrow. We called the border today and were informed that if we arrive any later than 8am, we can expect to be in the queue for two to three hours, then another two or three hours for the immigration paperwork queue. They advised us to aim for 5am or 6am. We mean to take this advice to heart, so tomorrow the truck will be packed and driven to my dad's place where we will spend the night and leave at 5am Saturday morning.

One should be well rested before starting such moving adventures, right? We may have missed that memo.

Have a few pictures of the pack...
Outdoor Dog

Outdoor Pants

Gabe and Pants in the Box Room

We Clean Those Teeth...

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