Tuesday, March 13, 2012

4 Days

Reason #4: (Trying to get past the chants of hus-BAND! Hus-BAND! HUS-BAND! in my head today is particularly challenging). Today's reason is simply the responses you get when you say anything at all about Seattle. I have yet to hear anyone slam Seattle when I've mentioned I'm moving there. In fact, I've been overwhelmed with confessions of Seattle shopping excursions, favourite concert moments, and best trip memories. I am not the only one who thinks it's a fantastic city. The rest of the world seems to have caught on, too. :)

Yesterday, despite the million times I told myself otherwise, I thought it was Tuesday, so today I woke up thinking it was Wednesday. I wouldn't want to skip today, mind you, as I am meeting with one of my Most Favourite People for a Ukrainian dinner this evening. Tomorrow (Wednesday night), Gabe comes up. We're having a family dinner out on Thursday with all my sibs (yay!). Friday will feature all the last-minute, stuff-that-stuff-into-a-box packing.

 And then it's Saturday and I move!!!

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