Monday, March 26, 2012

The Canadian Has Landed

I received my Social Security Number (SSN) in the mail today! I now really have no bars to employment! Aside from the usual ones, like finding work, getting an employer to look at me, scoring an interview...


Back to the positive: I have an SSN! This means I can get my Washington State driver's license on Friday. Thankfully BC and Washington have an agreement that means I don't have to take a test to get a state license (with any other province this wouldn't have been the case). I'm sort of looking forward to seeing my SSN in person, and then getting that new driver's license. Baby steps to make the move more and more real. I suppose I ought go get my hair cut before going in for the new license and try to look decent, although I have to admit having a picture like my attacked-by-a-typhoon-while-biking-ten-kilometres-to-reach-the-passport-photo-place-in-rural-Japan look was kind of super because no matter how I looked when I handed that picture over, I knew it was better than what was captured there.

Ah, travel, I miss thee. I suppose I will have to take concrete steps to remedy that.

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