Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 11

Reason #11: My sister suggested this one to me, and I thought it most appropriate; however, it requires a bit of a story. I was in Seattle (lovely, lovely Seattle) over the weekend. I took the Amtrak bus (for the last time!) to Vancouver and arrived back at my rental unit here in the evening. A yellow piece of paper had been jammed between the door and frame. Thinking it one of those condo notifications we get from time to time informing us on the various strata updates and meetings, I tucked it under my arm and ignored it until I had settled my bags and other items. Once comfortable, I read this lovely notice from a company called PCHS. In bold letters (underlined with asterisks) I was told this document was the FINAL NOTICE TO THE OCCUPANT(S). Having not received any notice whatsoever, I was confused and read further. This delightful letter then went on to tell me that "because there has been no response to [their] requests to contact [their] office, [they] will be filling a non-compliance report to the solicitors representing the mortgagee...."

Oh,  not for me at all. I suppose that explains all the white, yellow, orange, pink, and red letters that had been in the mailbox over the past few months. Gabe, being a sweetheart, called the number as the notice requested and asked for an explanation, which ended up being what we thought: a series of missed payments have led to initial foreclosure action being taken on my rented unit. While this is sad, I can't help but feel that little push of serendipity.

A foreclosure serendipitous? That sounds ugly, but I do feel as though this confirms my move (not that I needed to extra help) and has made me dizzy with happiness at not having to worry about whether or not I'd be evicted at a point in the future.

So, without further ado, reason #11: No foreclosures can happen when I live in Seattle without my knowledge and notice. :)

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