Friday, March 30, 2012

How Roots Are Spread

I love it here. I love being home. I love how happy I am not to have to be traveling (for now) and how nice it is just to spend uninterrupted, regular life time with Gabe.

That said, today was a busy day. Much of it revolving around money and getting settled errands.

This past month the focus of my budget has shifted from "pay this off now" to "create a cushion for impending unemployment." I have about $1500 in Canadian funds squirreled away, with another $2000 or so expected from my last few days of work...and then my vacation pay-out. We then have the Canadian wedding fund for an additional cushion...and I'll qualify for Employment Insurance while I look for work down here. We've decided all Canadian funds will go towards maintaining minimum debt payments until our financial situation stabilizes with me finding work.

I have less savings than originally planned: I took $500 down to Seattle with me to open a new bank account and I spent just under $200 to buy a new bra from Change (strapless, with summer returning I plan on moving back into dresses full time) and two new pairs of jeans (in my size!!! -- 26" x 36" -- that never happens!!)...

I will be opening my account with $30 less, mind you, as I cut my hair off again (and love it!)

A Proper Pixie Cut
I was successful in a number of ventures today, including the haircut, the acquisition of a driver's license (they give paper copies of what the actual one will look like!), and applying for a non-secured (and secured card when the non-secured one is refused due to a complete lack of credit history) credit card. If I need to get a secured card, that will take another $500 out of my Canadian account to be held in trust as the secure part of that $500 card. My other option is to go with a secured personal line of credit where I give them $250 and they give me it back in loan form (a loan of $250), to be repaid over the course of a year to build up a consistent and good credit score. Yes, these are the hoops in place. Talk about starting from scratch...

I didn't actually get to open an account today as the BECU computer system requires photo identification that is at least a day old (oops). I'm to return tomorrow morning at 9am and will have information about my attempt to start establishing credit in the States. I love my new bank -- they've already been helpful and patient with my many questions. In a few ways, starting from scratch is an interesting process -- you get to intentionally do everything you already did over again with more knowledge and awareness as to the impact of your actions (e.g. having a focus of building up credit quickly and efficiently instead of just thinking "I guess I should get a credit card because I'm an adult now").

Yeah. That's right. An adult.

I miss reading grammar if any one has a suggestion for a grammar book read, I'd love to have it. Here are a few of my favourites (maybe even in order):
1) Verbal Hygiene by Deborah Cameron
2) A Mouthful of Air by Anthony Burgess
3) The Stuff of Thought by Steven Pinker
4) Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss

Speaking of books, if you were to stack my books one atop the other you'd find it to be just two feet shy of the Sphinx's height. For other fun book comparisons, I direct you to My LibraryThing.

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