Friday, March 2, 2012

In Which the Beast's Health Bar Is Decreased

Today marks that time of the month again: budget update time. I'm happy to report significant slaying (thank you, three paycheque month!). 

My current debt totals are as follows:

Still in the lead is my loathed National Student Loan at $24,603.85.
Untouched, but in lovely interest-free status (thank you, job!), is my BC Student Loan at $5975.66.
In third place is my credit line at $5057.

And that's it for debt. The wedding fund has been repaid 100%.

At this time last month I owed $36,795.15. 
My new total debt is $35,636.51. Over $1000 of my income went towards defeating the Beast last month. 

Do I feel accomplished or what?! :)

At this point I can't help but imagine what I could do with that much money after the Beast is dead. Savings will be my reality one of these days!

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