Monday, March 19, 2012

In Which Documents Are Updated

This is the fourth time in my life I've had to readjust all my standards of life insofar as documentation is concerned. Past occurrences have included 1) moving to Japan, 2) returning to Canada, 3) updating name after marrying Gabe, and now 4) updating all documents (and requesting new ones!) upon moving to the States.

We stopped by the Nexus office to have them update my Nexus card information (status: Permanent Resident, conditional) and verified I am able to remove the "conditional" part of my visa after two years of residence (hello, 2014 March 16!). The funny part of that is I could have been a Permanent Resident, unconditional if I'd entered after two years of marriage (which, by-the-by, is October of this year!). Both Gabe and I laughed at the idea of waiting any longer than we already have--not to mention my visa would have been expired by the time I tried to enter. The conditional versus unconditional visa isn't that big of a deal--right now it simply means more immigration paperwork (and associated fees) await us in the future.

After lunch we're going to navigate the world of Social Security Numbers (which should be an automatic process once my immigration paperwork is received by the appropriate authorities, but we're going to call to make sure this is the case) and then take the dogs for a walk. I find it strange to think I'll be back up in Canada this evening, with a week full of various engagements, and not simply spending time here at home. That, I suspect, will come quickly enough.

Actually, the next two months seem pretty packed. Between the transition, hanging out with friends and family, helping my office adjust to our new software system prior to release, our travel plans (San Francisco!), and finding new work, I feel pretty top heavy just now.

I had my phone interview with Girl Scouts this morning, which went well! The troop leader who interviewed me wasn't certain whether a waiting list existed in Western Washington (my future troop service unit location), or whether I'd be a co-leader. She expected I'd hear later this week. :) I'm really excited to get involved with Girl Scouts and hope I can volunteer with an older group of girls. Not that little ones would be the end of the's just that the bigger ones are so much more fun because of the diversity of activities you can undertake. I love the idea of making a difference and fostering girls and young women in the pursuit of fun and adventure! What could be better than that?

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  1. YES! Come back to Canada so we can have dessert night tomorrow with Samzorz! :) Glad your move seems to have gone well. My packing is still progressing S-L-O-W-L-Y...