Sunday, March 18, 2012

In Which We Escape Boxes

Bedtime is lurking in the room next to where I'm sitting, contemplating rousing itself from bed long enough to lure me into the room to sleep. Trust me, I'm headed there, but I figured a photo update was only appropriate. 

Today we are left with three boxes, one of which is full of art that will likely not fit on the wall space we have left. Everyone seems to have settled in well, though I could sleep for years and not be done with rest. 

Pancake Pants

We had our regular Sunday night at Feiereabend, the bar where Gabe and I met (yep, met husband at a bar--so classy!). It was really nice and, honestly, the perfect way to wind the weekend down. We coaxed Hoolie & Jer back to our place to show them our mess.

The Couch Is Clear of Stuff!
They left only a few minutes ago, and I have since changed into p.j. pants while Gabe takes our pups out for their evening constitutional. I've had such a lovely night--a wonderful, if exhausting, weekend.

Gabe in the (most cleared) living room

Belle-girl at Home

Our Cozy Home

Oh. Looks like bedtime caught me. I'll be going to sleep now.

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