Sunday, March 18, 2012

In Which We Settle

I am in the States as a Permanent Resident now-- it's official. :)

Yesterday (how was it only yesterday?!) we left Canada for Seattle. What a trip! All parts of it happened really quickly....

On Friday we left our place in Coquitlam after my family helped us pack up the truck.

Gabe and the Moving Crew

Once the truck was loaded, we grabbed Chinese food and went over to my dad's place for the night. The next day (yesterday...) we woke at 5am and made a dash for the border.
Obligatory Stop at Timmy Ho's for Coffee

Of course, by the time we got to the border--just after 6am--there was a 45 minute queue. Like good little non-Nexus users, we waited like everyone else.

Passport, Immigration Package, and Nexus Ready!
Our border guard was phenomenal -- so helpful and friendly. We were in and out (my visa approved and everything!) within 30 minutes.

Visa Approved!

We ended up not needed our moving manifest as we were never asked to show it, but it certainly came in handy later on when we had to (and continue to, actually) unpack.

We went down to Seattle via a meandering route: stopping for coffee in Blaine (where I bought a handmade broom from Master Broomsquire--yep, that's his title--as a tradition housewarming gift for us; it is now hanging above a doorway).

Upon arriving in Seattle I think we both realized we had our work cut out for us. We started by cramming all the stuff onto any surface we didn't immediately need, taking out the bed frame for Gabe's old bed, and clearing floor space.

Couch O' Stuff


Cleared out Bedroom

Bedroom from the Living Room

The Nook from the Kitchen

We spent a good hour shoving stuff aside so we'd have enough space for the movers to bring everything inside. A few hours later, the condo was an explosion of boxes. I moved quickly to get the books onto shelves (priority and a quick way to get rid of over 20 boxes...) and then moved onto other items. This lasted until dinner with my in-laws, after which we pretty much crawled into bed and slept deeper than the dead (Gabe informs me he accidentally elbowed me in the face twice only to find I hadn't even stirred). 

This morning the unpacking continued, along with giving away Gabe's extra items (a recliner chair, Value Village goods, side table, CD rack, etc. etc.) as our place is pretty darn full. After an hour of this we had breakfast, then grabbed the dogs at 11am from the dogsitter. The pups are both crashed beside as I sit on the couch. I think the whole pack's pretty darn tired already, and there's a lot more unpacking to go through yet. Despite all the crazy and the clutter, I can't tell you how *good* it is to finally be home.

Cake for Breakfast

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  1. Yay!!!
    When do we get to visit you? I am so happy you have finally arrived!