Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pack Walks and Bit o' Sunshine

My bank account at BECU has been opened, and I've even been approved for a secured $500 credit card with verification of my income (which I still have--yay!) I'll finish the rest of that process when I have the spare $500 kicking around to be held in the abyss that is a credit card company.

Today Gabe and I thought of another reason to love Seattle. We were at Trader Joe's and the cashier started joking about Gabe having synesthesia due to a comment he had made. Gabe hadn't heard the word before, so the cashier provided a detailed definition with appropriate examples. This led to a brief but interesting intellectual conversation, which happens more often than not in Seattle. Smart people live here.


I head back up to Canada tomorrow. These weekends are never long enough and I'm so looking forward to solid weeks (...months! ...years!) 

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