Thursday, March 29, 2012

Welcome Home

I missed it here. I'm on the couch in Seattle and the happiest I've been all week simply for the fact that I'm home. Really, truly 100% home. The border guard today asked me for my destination (Seattle) and then asked my purpose (I live there); he gave me the biggest grin and said, "Welcome home."

I have two more weeks (but only seven more work days) of this commute. Next Monday promises to be insane or extremely quiet and insane (the former if the system works, the latter if it doesn't). For now, I'm home, and that's all I care to ponder.

I had two items waiting for me, alongside my pack (I love my pack!!) The first item was a pair of clearance hiking boots I bought from REI. Sadly, they don't fit, which is what we thought would happen but for $96, they were worth a shot.

Hiking be returned

The second item was one I hadn't expected to arrive so soon: my Social Security Number!

The Envelope

No, you may not have my number...

Pretty great stuff. Now when I move I am actually able to provide my future employer (and, yes, there will be one -- I'm determined!) with my SSN. I have to admit I'm a bit perplexed by this whole SSN card being paper. Yes, paper. So much for that security bit... :)

I'm getting a hair cut, a bank account, a library card, and a Washington State driver's license tomorrow!

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