Friday, April 13, 2012

The Arctic Fox Has Landed

I was trying to think of a quintessentially Canadian animal and (strangely) Beaver, White-tailed Deer, Polar Bear, Wolverine, and Striped Skunk didn't make the cut (though they met the original criteria).

I'm home. For reals home. Like I'm-not-going-between-Canada-and-the-States-anymore HOME. I cannot begin to tell you how GREAT it feels, too!!

My last week of work was as wonderful as I could have wished it, considering I spent my time in office as a remote technical support worker. I didn't make it in for a full day on Tuesday due to still being really sick (gross!) and ended up stumbling in for a half day. On Wednesday my team presented me with a cake (Strawberry, Banana, Orange Bistro cake -- so delectable!) and a few gifts: a file folder with goodbye wishes and a caricature drawn by a co-worker of mine, a bracelet and a matching set of earrings (a dragonfly created by a local First Nations artist, Harold (Jackson) Alfred).

Star Box and File Folder
Page One of My Work File

When I put it on, a co-worker told me it's my new Wonder Woman cuff

I think I look like my mom

About the Artist and Design

I wish I had a photo of the cake to share (or a piece).

After work on Wednesday, my second-to-last day, the team went to a retirement dinner for another co-worker who left the Ministry at the end of March; it was such a nice way to spend one of my last evenings!

Thursday rolled around, and I rolled into my last day at work. When I arrived, I found my email flooded with more well wishes and thanks. :) I actually found the whole day delightful but bittersweet. My favourite office buddy gave me what may possibly be the best DVD I could own (hahaha, can you guess?) and hot chocolate from Murchies (as a fellow Victorian in the past, she understands the value of hot chocolate from Murchies). 

When she presented the gift she said, "I'm giving you weekend plans"

I then left the Ministry and my life as an EAW.

After my last day, I met up with Kuni for coffee. She presented me with a bright red bag and told me it's my Missing Canada Survival Kit.

Items Contained within May Be Used as Bribes
My favourite part, though, was my mixed tape of Canadian Sounds.

So cute! Who makes mixed tapes? <3 Kuni

Yep, a 4GB Jump Drive...cutest ever!!

I showed the tape to my sisters who agreed it was pretty much the greatest "mixed tape" ever...which I did after meeting up with Kuni--met with my sisters, that is. My sisters and I had dinner at Lolita's on Davie Street, which was much fun, and then I went back to Dad's place where I spent my night trying to feel like I was really going home.

Which, naturally, resulted in a long night and little sleep. :)

My dad fixed the back brakes on our Toyota this morning, and then I was off to the States (with one pit stop at Timmy Ho's). The drive down was breathtaking--all that sun and those trees!--and the border guard just said "Welcome home" and waved me on my way. When I walked in the door (arms full of bags, the last remains of Possessions in Canada) I got settled in before I noticed what Gabe had left for me.

My Welcome Home Gift

Gabe had written in each of the cards and found candy for me!


Gabe has since come home, we've had dinner, and the dogs are now eating their own meals. 

Mister Homer Pants
Sweet Little Suicide Belle

Feels like nothing but blue skies from here. :)

Condo with a View

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  1. So sweet! That mixed tape is the best. I was thinking, who has a cassette tape player anymore?! Hihihi.