Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Deliciously Devoured: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Literature targets for younger readers and teenagers is a lifelong love of mine. Well, I suppose that can be said of words and literature in general, but teen lit is pretty darn awesome no matter my mood or book craving. Delirium was recommended to me by my sister (along with her copy) and certainly didn't disappoint my hopes.

The premise of this story is that love, or amour deliria, is a disease that must be cured...and has been cured successfully. Futuristic yet centred in our time and technology, the story follows a seventeen-year-old girl named Lena Haloway who has bought the line that love is a disease (fatal if untreated). From here the story follows the plot you probably expect: she meets a boy and falls in love. The pursuit of this love and the outcome/ repercussions of it in a world where you must be cured of love (and subsequently all emotions and personal interest) provides the meat of the story. You'll have to read it for yourself to know the ending. I imagine this book will eventually make its way into my personal library.

Delirium is worth a read. Or two. :)

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