Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hire Me! I'm Great!

Hello, Seattle!

I moved here a couple of weeks ago from Canada so I could--after nearly three years of commuting--live with my beloved husband. I'm thrilled to be here; this is a wonderful city! For these past few days I've been on an intensive job search, which means you can hire me to work for you, or recommend me to a company or person who is hiring. A job search is a lonely activity, and I could use help.

Here are five reasons hiring me is the best decision you could make:

1) Superior communication and writing skills. Both my degrees are in communication (University of British Columbia: Master of Fine Arts, Creative Writing; University of Victoria: Bachelor of Fine Arts, English and Japanese), and I read grammar books for fun. I have written for academia, business, and government. I have extensive experience with mediation, conflict prevention, and crisis management.

2) Organized multi-tasker with a penchant for details. Whatever the task, no matter the deadline, I get the work done in a professional, logical, and systematic manner that other people can understand.

3) Exceptionally tech-savvy. Not only do I have a solid understanding of most office software suites, I have learned custom software within tight deadlines, then trained other people on that software and provided professional technical support to troubleshoot problems users experienced.

4) I learn well and quickly. In under a year I received two promotions at my previous job based on my abilities, including being a corporate software trainer for the largest training initiative in the British Columbian government. 

5) Optimistic, positive self-starter. My energy is contagious. I create open, positive work environments where all members of the team feel respected and safe to contribute meaningfully. I smile all the time. 

In short, I am a phenomenal worker. I bring passionate curiousity to all I do and am able to provide extensive references for any position you may have available. 

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