Thursday, April 26, 2012

In Which Blood Trumps

According to a humoural personality test, I am:

blood: 41.00%
melancholy, or black bile: 25.00%
choler, or yellow bile: 19.00%
phlegm: 15.00%

What does that mean? Aside from the fact that my job/ self search has driven me to internet personality tests...

"Blood is predominant in those endowed with a sanguine temperament." Yeah, sanguine temperament (read: perennially optimistic, very relationship oriented, being friendly and approachable...)

"Blood is the 'best' of all the humours. The sanguine person is typically balanced, equanimous, patient, thoughtful, active in a measured way, able to judge people and situations well, and to contain his or her own shifts of moods, as well as those of others. The presence of blood will diminish the power exerted by other humours that may be present in high doses."

How special. You can go here to find your own humoural balance...but while we're on the topic of blood....

...I donated a bit of that oh-so-precious liquid today to give another person a chance at recovery.

Unasked for Blood Promo!
Are you donating blood? If you can, call your local blood services (Canada: 1-888-236-6283, Washington: 206-292-6500) and make an appointment. They have time for you. :) 
If you're in Seattle, you can come with me and Gabe! 
While signing in I saw this very cool box and selected a poem for myself.

National Poetry Month!
 I love this idea. I think I will steal it for next April.

In *other* news, I finally tackled my resume in a meaningful way. Bursting with numbers, personal stats, and glowing achievements, it's improved in a million ways (I could probably name them). I owe a big THANK YOU to Kuni who looked at my old one and gave me concrete advice...with examples. I heart examples. Seeing her suggestions made it SO MUCH EASIER to tackle my ugly beast of self-promotion.

I love Kuni. <3

I have decided to target a book store -- my favourite, oh, favorite (sigh) bookstore in Seattle: Elliott Bay Book Company. I would have to say the thought of working there has given me the buzz of energy and excitement I've needed to get that resume done! Yay!!

Seriously, can you think of a better job for me? I'm pretty sure this is my dream career...that and whispering to dogs (and by association their owners). I'm also pretty sure if I landed this job (no opening is posted...I'm just applying) I would have to start my own dog training business on the side...because if you're going to live a dream, why not live all of it?

Hahaha. Of course, now I've decided I am not fond of the resume and can see only how much more work it needs. Back to the drawing board.

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  1. So glad I could help!! Resumes are horrible, terrible things, so I'm glad I was able to provide some direction.

    That poem idea is brilliant!

    Wish I could give blood. So glad that you and Gabe do it regularly. <3