Sunday, April 8, 2012

In Which Clutters Abounds

With only three days left of work for me (providing I'm well enough come Tuesday to head back to work!), Gabe and I are finally realizing that this is our actual, real, not-going-anywhere, dream-come-true life. We live together. Finally.

Albeit, we currently live in a bit of a chaotic mess.
There's a kitchen table under there
Paper clutter of a desk

We're working on that.

Over these past few days it's become abundantly clear to both of us that while we have certainly made great strides in parring down on our unnecessary items, we still have a lot of stuff. To my eye, much of this "stuff" is homeless and without a proper organization system, and organizing is actually where I excel...and where Gabe starts hyperventilating as I attempt to tackle every last inch of excess.

My current ill health has allowed me to find a better way to approach my manic need for order: I find appropriate images of the storage I find online and share them with Gabe when we both have time to discuss the pros and cons and possibilities of the various systems we could utilize. This seems to be the perfect solution. Instead of diving headfirst into chaos, we create a plan together, which ends up being better than the original thought. In an effort to keep our clutter down, we're trying to use a lot of the materials we already have around the house:

Toilet paper holder is pottery Gabe made

Shelves to the left will be installed in the bathroom

Found storage space for our tools

Decluttering required above the fridge

Cupboards organized

Clipboard as organization space in progress
At the same time we're trying to make good use of the space we already have that isn't being appropriately utilized:
This built-in ironing board will become a spice rack
It's a work-in-progress, anyway...and I'm certainly no help from bed. I must get better.

My Sleep Mates

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