Monday, April 9, 2012

In Which the Planner in Me Has a Go

The first news of the day is that I'm still sick.

...somebody take this head cold from me and shoot it. Dead. Twice.


Unemployment is only three short days away, and I realize I haven't come up with a sanity-saving plan. This could be attributed to 1) how busy I've been or 2) how sick I've been, and while both excuses are still reality, my head cold has abated enough for me to think (barely)...and by think I mean plan obsessively. Enter, stage left: Mission Retain Sanity.

I have been reading copious amounts of literature (in the form of articles, blogs, and--shockingly--scientific research) on the impacts of unemployment (which I feel I know well) and how to avoid the negative ones (this I will learn).

Here are a few items to be accomplished while seeking work:
- organize the desk into a fully function work and writing space
- maintain a schedule/ structure (this is the hardest part of being unemployed -- having no where to go!)
- update resume
- redesign resume
- job search
- network
- update LinkedIn profile
- informational interviews
- career interest profile
- attend women's business centre workshop(s)
- research starting a business here
- elevator speech
- go to the places I'd like to work and meet the hiring people
- home improvement projects
- socialize
- exercise: weekly yoga, art workouts, knee rehabilitation, walking to jogging eventually
- reading
- writing
- cooking
- networking
- dog walks
- dog training
- get involved with the arts scene (free museum visits and Blitz Capitol Hill Art Walk!)
- blog: daily
- consider interning to land a job (or at least a reference letter)
- (if desperate) give my resume to headhunter and/ or temp. agency
- (if required) apply for part-time work

I imagine that list will grow, become more specific, and contribute to the schedule I have in mind for the time I'm seeking work. Seattle has many more opportunities than Vancouver, a glimpse at Craigslist and other sites supports this, and so it's just a matter of getting myself hired.

It's just a matter of getting myself hired.

I may have also purchased a customized day planner from FranklinCovey, which will either give me a sense of control or contribute to a mental breakdown.

I'm considering offering a prize to any person who helps me land a good job in Seattle: a fancy dinner out sound decent?

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