Monday, April 23, 2012

In Which You May Need a "Resume"

I just finished reading my "Welcome to the United States: A Guide for New Immigrants" document. I think it's targeted towards immigrants who are more...foreign than I am. I went to the "Need a Job?" section of the document and found the advice was limited to "you may need a 'resume' and should look in the classifieds."

Yeah. Thanks for that.

I find I accomplish a fair bit during the daylight hours. Today I registered for two months of unlimited yoga at a local studio, booked four different medical appointments (three of which involve my knee), researched potential careers (today's focus is on mediation and I'm thinking it's a no-go), went to the library, read a novel, bought two birthday gifts for family members, and signed up for a class at the Women's Business Centre. I'm also planning a much-deserved and super fun baby shower for a friend, revamping the budget, and organizing my mom's birthday present. This week is already full of evening activities, including two gallery visits and a reading by Etgar Keret (yay!). I'm impatiently waiting for my seeds to sprout so I can have a garden over which to fuss and have been researching how to take clippings from our beloved green vine so I can put little clones all over the condo.

This weekend is already filling up with activities, including a budget date (one step up from a Home Depot  date), a concert featuring Idan Raichel, a hike, and a trip up to Bellingham to see my sib and her girlfriend.

Phew. Busy.

I guess I should go work on my resume...

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