Saturday, April 21, 2012

Life Is Champagne Vineyards and Future Flight

Apparently this delicious heat is not typical of the San Francisco area at this time of year -- or ever if the locals are to be believed. We've enjoyed 20+ degree weather (I suppose that's in the 80s or something) here, hot sun, blue skies, and great food. Outlaws M & B have a fantastic apartment in Oakland that they've let us crash at for our visit.

Our Borrowed View

Today we drove out to Sonoma to visit a champagne vineyard. Wine was available as well, but the champagne... Oh my.

Sonoma Snacks

We went to the Gloria Ferrer Winery and had a few glasses of champagne (favourites on the menu were the 2006 Blanc de Blancs and the VA de Vi -- go read the descriptions and join us in drooling). The winery overlooks hills of vineyards, rolling green (it rained not long ago), and animals in the distance.

Outlaw M
Champagne Gabe

We passed by a flight centre where you can take a flight tour of the Sonoma and Napa Valley areas where you can fly in WWII planes. Seriously. This is now going on my Longer than Life list -- I want to have that experience! I think we're heading to the hot tub now to soak in the sun and water...then who knows. Maybe we'll head back into the city for our last night. :)

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