Sunday, April 15, 2012

Project: Condo

I love Home Depot. I have very clear memories from my childhood of being stuck in an unending cycle of hardware stores with my parents as they purchased various home improvement needs and remember well the absolute desperate boredom that would grip me the second we'd set foot inside on of those big boxes of lumber, wood screws, shower heads, and caulking. I grew up in a series of homes wanting (and needing) improvement, whether from our own desires (a larger kitchen) or from necessity (new toilet parts after they'd been chewed off by a puppy--that chewing resulted in a flooded house while we all slept--I'll write that story down one day). No child wants to be stuck in a hardware store; the only perk is going to one with free popcorn or doughnuts, and that's not most places. I used to trail after my parents, touching everything I wasn't supposed to, rubbing my face against the soft-looking, fluffy pink fibreglass, and generally being a whiny nuisance. I hated Home Depot and every other hardware store in existence.

But I learned.

I learned how to identify and use power tools, how to kick carpets and fill in holes, how to deal with crises involving plumbing, apply band-aids, pass wrenches, replace car parts, install fireplaces, paint walls, and laugh in the face of Disaster. I learned how to mow grass (preferred when we set the sheep to the task, even with the risk of extra fertilizer), build play equipment, restore wood, and construct additions. I learned where to hide when I didn't want to do work (in the bathroom with paper and a pen so I could write stories, in a stall with a quiet horse, in the sheep shed resting against my favourite lamb) and how to delegate chores (usually by bossing my sisters around). In time I could identify weeds, save strangled flowers, dig out a flat piece of land, and help lay bricks down for a new patio. I learned a ton, whether I wanted to or not, and now Gabe and I have our own home.

We both love trips to Home Depot. In our world, such trips are just as good (and often better) than any other date we could devise.

I think this is an idea you either "get" or don't. Middle ground doesn't exist in the land of Home Depot Dates. We spend an hour or so there today and walked out with a number of projects for the condo. I'll keep you posted on those. :)

Prior to Home Depot we went on a hike. We have a goal of going on one hike every weekend and alternating between dog-friendly hikes and hoom-only hikes. Today we took both pups up Kamikaze Trail.

Gabe & Belle on the Kamikaze Trail

Mr. Pants

Handsome Husband


And in other news, I continue to organize.

Organized Glovebox!

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