Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bibliophibian: Picture

In my job right now (love my job!) I spend most of my touching books, whether I'm labeling them, stripping them, or shelving them...and I love it. New and old books pass through my hands each day, and I'm shocked by my own self-restraint in not taking the majority of them home with me. (Gabe, our finances, and the dogs are all similarly happy). I do, however, find many books worth adding to my library, so from now on, every day I work, I'm going to share with you my favourite find of the day.

Today's find is a children's picture book called "Pete & Pickles" by Berkeley Breathed.

If you go to the Amazon page, you can ever have a look at the first few pages. The story is about Pete, the "perfectly predictable pig" who is soon subject to a most unruly, unwelcome house guest, Pickles the elephant. I laughed aloud at points and often went back to look longer at the beautiful illustrations. This picture book will soon find its way into my library in the condo -- pick it up if you have the chance!

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