Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bibliophibian: Fiction

Today's best book find was Say Her Name.

Say Her Name

I came across this book when I was in the tank and the dust jacket write-up immediately grabbed me. Categorized as fiction, this novel is actually a story of a more personal nature to the author, Francisco Goldman. Say Her Name is part memoir, part fiction, part tribute -- but mostly truth.

I opened the book and read the first pages and thought I'd say an excerpt with you:

Aura died on July 25, 2007. I went back to Mexico for the first anniversary because I wanted to be where it had happened, at that beach on the Pacific coast. Now, for the second time in a year, I'd come home again to Brooklyn without her.

Three months before she died, April 24, Aura had turned thirty. We'd been married twenty-six days shy of two years.

Aura's mother and uncle accused me of being responsible for her death. It's not as if I consider myself not guilty. If I were Juanita, I know I would have wanted to put me in prison, too. Though not for the reasons she and her brother gave.

From now on, if you have anything to say to me, put it in writing — that's what Leopoldo, Aura's uncle, said on the telephone when he told me that he was acting as Aura's mother's attorney in the case against me. We haven't spoken since.



Aura and me

Aura and her mother

Her mother and me

A love-hate triangle, or, I don't know

Mi amor, is this really happening?

Où sont les axolotls?


This is yet another book I absolutely must read.

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