Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fun and Fancy Free: Art Walk

I miss writing all the reasons to love Seattle and look forward to the move now that I'm actually here, so I'm going to start sharing with you a list of all the cool activities I've actually done in this city. Most, if not all, of the activities listed on this "Fun and Fancy Free" list will be either free or low cost. On occasion I may splurge into a more expensive venture; however, considering the constraints on our finances and the abundance of awesome activities, I think those ventures will be the rare exception.

We'll start with the BlitzCapitol Hill Art Walk, which happened this evening and happens every month on the second Thursday. We wandered around Capitol Hill, visiting stores and galleries where an assortment of art work (from framed art to performance to live music) was on display. Here are a few highlights: we stopped by a display at my work (photography from the Middle East), Cupcake Royale (we ate cupcakes and enjoyed interesting graphics), private galleries (where the artists themselves walked through the galleries with us), to larger exhibits (Geek Girls is currently showing at LTD Gallery -- love it). The majority of these venues offer free snacks (cheese, crackers, veggies, hummus, etc.) and wine or champagne! All for free. All for fun. All for you.

On our way back home we saw our favourite wine spot and viewed a few people through the window enjoying the Thursday evening tasting. We, of course, hopped right over and joined in the fun.

A lovely Thursday evening...and a very good way to have an awesome night out (for free!!) in Seattle. I'm excited for the next Second Thursday art walk (June 14th)!

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