Sunday, May 20, 2012

In Which We Catch up on Picture Updates

I think it's about time for a few more pictures to appear on this blog, so here are a few:

These pictures are from Sue who just sent them to me today. When we popped up to Canada for a friend's wedding, we stopped by the house and ended up helping Dad try to install a windshield (which I've heard has since met an unfortunate end). 
Installing a Windshield
That's one of the funny parts of going back home, or good parts. No matter how long we've been away and no matter who you go and see, chances are there's a chore waiting for a few extra hands. We always dive into whatever needs doing, and I love being able to help. Actually, Gabe's side does the same, which is great! My sister, when we visited my in-laws, actually said it made her feel much more at home to be greeted with a "could you help us with" request -- and I completely agree!
Posing by the Truck (we were headed to a wedding!)

Family Shot!
This morning Gabe and I went to an Experience Rowing class on Lake Union. If you're in the Seattle area and have ever wanted to give this class a go, I highly recommend checking out Lake Washington Rowing Club and taking their three-hour experience ($35 per person). The weather wasn't very cooperative (rain, slight wind) but we went out anyway and for a group of newbies, I think we held our own!
The Dock

Rescue Crew (not for us)

Happy Husband

I would like to take the Level 01 class that starts on June 5th (Tuesday and Thursday mornings) but our budget isn't so sure that's a possibility. I'm not sure where that $95 can come from when we're so pinched, but we've sworn to look it over and see if we have room to budge a few numbers. I think I'll also ask for rowing classes for my birthday because it's a sport I think I could really love. (Double brownie points for being so fitness-intense!)

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