Tuesday, May 1, 2012


For the past five days I've been (killing myself) working on my resume and an application for Elliott Bay Book Company. I can't remember a time when I've sweated over an application like that -- trying to get the wording right (and cut down!) to express exactly why I want to work at a book store.

And I do want to work at a book store, but a specific one.

Today I went into the store to hand in my application package, and the hiring manager told me she'd been waiting for my application as two of her staff members had mentioned me; she said I had made a very good impression!

Yay for asking questions about a person's job while at a book reading!

Etgar Keret Books: Signed!

The book signing was last Thursday. On Friday I went in for an application package. Today I delivered it. An hour after delivery, I had an interview.


(Thankfully I believe in requesting applications and dropping them off later in interview attire). 

I feel the interview went really, really well! I'm excited by the prospect of working for Elliott Bay Book Company and have my fingers crossed (and follow-up thank you note written, stamped, and ready for the mail!) that I'll be offered the position. I should hear by Friday afternoon.

Even if I don't get offered this position (and guess what, there is an open position!!), I was thrilled to learn a few different things:

1) I make a memorable and positive first impression. /super yay!!
2) I can score an interview the same day as dropping off an application.
3) My resume is much, much better than it has ever been (thanks, Kuni!!)
4) I feel pretty good about my interview skills.

Whichever way it goes, I'm a happy girl today!

Actually, I'm just happy in general. Glowy, gooey happy. Sunshine happy.

Random Act of Art by Local Elementary School

I have only been here a couple of weeks, but I already feel like a happier, healthier, more active and engaged person (even when I'm being an introverted shut-in). I love Seattle. 

Seattle from the South

I love all the different activities I've been doing and all the fun I've found here. I found what has become my new favourite gallery: LTD Gallery, a place for nerd art. I'm trying to do yoga three times a week (just started last week, and I have a once a week minimum for myself). I get to see friends (H & J in particular!) and discover new places every day because I can walk EVERYWHERE. Seriously. I walk everywhere, all the time. Heart of downtown in less than 15 minutes. International District in 30. Beacon Hill (up a hill to the south where I have my physiotherapy appointments) in 40.

I live with my husband, have started a window sill garden (little sprouts are growing!!), and get to spend every day with the dogs (Belle likes this just fine but wishes I was her favourite hoom).

Belle and Her Favourite Hoom

Okay, enough glow and gush for now. Life is beautiful, so I'm going to go enjoy it. 


  1. Jer told me about your interview! Super yay!!! They would be absolutely idiotic to not hire you. You are incredible and anyone who doesn't see that is an unobservant twit.

    Thanks again for spending the day with us yesterday. I can't fully describe how much we appreciated your input and how overjoyed I am to have you living closer to us.

  2. You are amazing! I'm so glad it went well for you and the book store sounds like a perfect fit! :) The waiting sometimes is the worst part. I have a feeling they will offer you the position soon :) Hugs and kisses from Bogota!