Monday, May 21, 2012

Make Something 365 Project: The Beginning

Yesterday I finally settled on a theme for my Make Something 365 project. What this means for you is that this blog will start to feature one witch-related item I've created every day for the next year.

Yep, settled for the theme of witch.

The journal gives me an outline of what I should do with my theme for the day, so yesterday I made an item that fits in my hand: a mini-canvas painting of a witch flying over the Space Needle.
The Witch and the Space Needle
What did I learn from this first project? Aside from learning I need new and better paintbrushes, I remembered how much I loved painting in high school, especially when I had access to oil paints. Perhaps I will re-explore this creative venue.

Today I had to make something using my favourite animal as inspiration. Little Homer is, of course, a most willing volunteer.

Bewitching Mr. Pants
Belle wanted in on the witch hat, too (I think she thought it was possibly edible).

Bewitching Belle
Okay. These two projects don't quite meet my greater goal of learning patience. I find I'm a rushed sort of "get it done now!" sort of person, so I am going to try to make as many of these daily projects as possible a practice in patience, and mostly in miniature. Wish me luck!

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  1. Ooh, what an exciting endeavour! Can't wait to see each of your little crafty, witchy creations!