Thursday, May 24, 2012

Witch 365: Day 05

I scoffed at today's requirement and muttered to myself (in a bit of an "I'm better than that" sort of way) that I do not collect anything and thus could not possibly build my witch-themed item out of one of my "collections." Muh huh huh. I am no hoarder.

And then I looked around my house and rephrased the requirements from "what do you collect" to "what do you have a lot of in your house."

Oh. Turns out I am a collector. I certainly have enough books to validate that statement. With a bit more humility I created my witch-themed item for the day:

Blurry picture to help with the idea of colour

My Cauldron o' Books

Now to go and reorganize those books...maybe I ought go colour coordinated for a while....

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