Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day...and a Not-Father-Appropriate Post

I decided to update my profile picture for Father's Day but couldn't settle on just one picture of me and Dad. I opted for four and made this collage:

Collage o' Dad

How insanely young is he?! That's my dad: creator of adventures, reader of stories, challenger of minds. :) I love him.

I just got back from work and have other things on my mind, including a project undertaken with a few of my work colleagues...which involves a not-Father-appropriate post. 


If you are family, or don't want to read about erotica, stop reading here. :)

Okay, so (again) this is the not-Dad-friendly side of the which writing smut (well, erotica) is discussed.

We had a competition at my work to write a super-duper short (69 words, no more, no less) EROTIC story in an assigned genre. A few of the genres included were S&M, strangers, senior citizen, and clowns (to name a few).

I have to admit, I was completely stumped...until I decided to take an existing 55-word story and add erotic elements to it. The results? Amazing. Hilariously amazing.

So, my challenge now for other writers: grab a 55-word story and make it a 69-word erotic story. Have fun. It's quite the challenge.

(I'd post my stories here, but we're contemplating publishing the results of our competition in a chapbook to sell....).

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  1. I wanna read it! What was your genre? Did you just add 14 smutty words to your existing 55-word story and call it a day? :) Cos I think that means you cheated.

    PS I never got to read EDGE, either...