Sunday, June 24, 2012

If Kisses Were Wishes and Witch 365

I love reading about people in warm, cozy interiors drinking tea while inclement weather continues outdoors. I always immediately feel myself there, wish myself there, and find in it the most comforting relaxation. Ah, I breathe, this is life.

Rain tends not to get me down, (I just get cozy) though it's certainly not my favourite. Today we helped Hoolie and Onii move to their new house. We were nearly done when the skies opened up and Thor called down everything but thunder. In a matter of moments we were all drenched. Soaking. This prompted us to work even quicker and the house was packed up and ready to go shortly thereafter. I didn't help with the unloading as I had to dart off to work, but I understand from Gabe the rest of it went smoothly and the two of them are *finally* in a wonderful, new (as in *new*) home.

Hanging out with Americans makes me realize I get kissed a whole lot more in the States than I ever did in Canada, Japan, or anywhere else I've been in the world (though Italy is certainly up there). And I don't just mean kisses from Gabe. I mean those greeting kisses Europeans pull off with such ease. Apparently Americans have mastered this skill as well, and I have to say it's a lovely way to greet friends and acquaintances; it feels so much less stilted than a handshake!

Hello! *kiss* How have you been?

Really, it's lovely.

I have been very bad with posting my Witch project as of late -- and just after I announced I liked posting two days at a time. I should probably go back to daily posting to ensure I have an accurate record of all these projects. I like having the same image reworked in different ways. These past four days were fun in that regard: create a witch-theme image that disappears, use clothing, use a multiplicity of a single item (this was the dog's favourite!), and use what you find in your toolbox. here's the update.

Witch 365: Day 31

Witch 365: Day 32

Witch 365: Day 33

Witch 365: Day 34
Perhaps my favourite news today is that I went to my first Storm game on Friday with a co-worker of mine and *loved* it! I already have plans to return and watch another game, because it really was a blast! I realized how intimately I know basketball, and seeing a group of incredibly talented women play it was an absolute treat!! I fully intend to be a Storm fan!! :)
Storm Home Game

What else? I tried to donate blood on Thursday but was denied due to poor iron (my hemoglobin was 12.4gm/dl and needed to be 12.5gm/dl). Unlike Canada, though, I can go back in three days and try again. I don't have to wait the full 56 days. Gabe didn't suffer from poor hemoglobin, so he donated that day (they encouraged me to have snacks anyway because they stabbed two fingers to check my blood). I'm now trying to recruit co-workers to come with me Tuesday at noon. I may have one, if not two, who will accompany me (and thus more blood is to be had by others).

I make vampires (of the non-sparkly variety) happy...and I think that's about it for now. This evening is Pride Weekend, so Gabe and I suspect our sleep will be disturbed by Donkeys. Le sigh.

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