Friday, June 1, 2012

Oh, Canada and Witch 365: Day 12

I just returned home from Canada (weird to think of home being in the States still...) where I saw a number of wonderful people, including each member of my Vancouver-based family. What more could I desire of a 28-hour jaunt to other lands?

Yesterday I completed, but was not able to post, my Witch 365 project. The criteria requested I take my theme and create an item that would disappear into its background. I ended up spending the night at my sister's house and had to make use of what was available to me there. Here is the result:

So Sneaky!
In other news, my sister can now knit lace. /super impressed!

Yesterday I also mentioned the photos I took of my brother (one of my motivating reasons to visit the True North). Here are a few highlights:

Nommy Award

Hanging out on the steps

Shoes back on

One of my favourites
It was awesome to spend so much time with Matt. He's pretty darn great and even introduced me to the video game he's been playing non-stop.

Actually, I accomplished a fair bit. On my way out of town I stopped by my old workplace to visit people there and return my sister's house keys to her. I had a really great team at my previous job and feel insanely fortunate to have fallen in with another incredible group at Elliott Bay Book Company. This has not always been the case with my previous employment experiences, so twice in a row is a lovely go!

Speaking of go, I have a pair of severely under-snuggled puppies to cuddle and a great book to read. I'll post today's witch project later today...when I actually complete it!


  1. Glad you had a good visit! Hope you get a chance for a longer one so I can steal some time with you... *evil laugh*

    And, being me, I have to ask: which game is Matt playing non-stop?

    1. Matt started to play a free online game featuring DC superheroes: DC Universe Online. :D