Friday, June 1, 2012

Quick Turnaround

I'm in Canada! Until tomorrow afternoon! Then I'm back home. :)

I actually completed my Witch project for today; however, I'm not able to upload the picture due to not having my own computer. I will upload it when I get home tomorrow.

Today I spent the day with my brother and got a few really great pictures of him for our mom (maybe I'll post a few here). He and I then met up with Court and Danger for a pizza dinner at Stan's (yum!) and eventually made our way back to Dad's place for a few minutes. It was super nice to see everyone!

Tomorrow (well, at this hour I suppose it's actually later today -- look at me being a night owl!) I get to have breakfast with Andrea (yay!!) and then will head over to my old work for lunch (awesome!) I miss the people there, but I've decided I don't miss the work. I really, really, really love my job now! So much so that on these days off...I miss it.

Yeah. I know. Weird!!! But AWESOME!

You know who else I miss? My husband. Very much. I don't imagine I'll sleep very well tonight without him...but then I'll be home again tomorrow! Squeee!! :)

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