Thursday, June 7, 2012

Red? Yes? No? And Other Updates

I imagine life is pretty good when the most strenuous decision I have to make is whether or not I should dye my hair dark red. I've been without my purple since I chopped my hair pixie-short (it's about an inch long...) and I miss it terribly. Is my solution a shade of red? Maybe. Or maybe not. I suppose boredom may decide this for me; it's been years since I last had red hair (pre-Japan?!) and about as long since I did anything but chunks of purple in my hair (that's been my trend since 2007). Time for a change?

This evening I have plans (of a sort) to go dancing with my coworkers at a place on the Hill called Havana; tonight's feature is soul dance. I have no idea what soul dance is (though I looked up a few videos) and think it would be fun...except I've hit this wall.

The wall can be broken down into two main components: 1) I'm so bored at the moment (due to being lazy/ sleepy) that it's hard to think of leaving the house, and 2) I don't have my very own dance buddy to keep me company and safe in these untested waters.

The first is easy to explain: I woke up at 5:45am this morning in order to get to rowing on time. (Did I mention I've joined rowing? I am taking the level 01 class every Tuesday and Thursday at an early hour and really love it so far...although it's been pouring rain every day we're out there!)

The second makes me a little sad. I don't really have a built-in late-night party date here for nights when Gabe is working, as is the case this evening. Usually I could call one of my many wonderful girlfriends and coerce her into joining me for a fun night on the town but I don't have those girlfriends here. My social circle is limited, and my usual Seattle girlfriend is not quite party-ready (for very good cause).

Where does that leave me? Treading uncharted waters "alone" as it were. Yes, I know work people, and yes, they are awesome, but this is my first outside-of-work event...

And I miss my usual dates!

I suppose I can chalk this up to having a new adventure, but the introvert in me is cowering in a corner of NO. (She's a little chicken on occasion).

You know what that means? I should clearly just go and dye my hair red. Yep. That's the decision. Will post pictures later.


  1. Can't wait to see your red hair! I'm sure it will look fabulous! You know it's weird, I've been in Latin America for a couple of months but I haven't danced very much. :P So hard being an intro sometimes...

  2. Red pixie hair is totally adorable. PICS!

    As for a night on the town, I'm sure you were fine. You are more of an extrovert than you think! <3