Monday, June 11, 2012

Witch 365: Backdated! Day 22!

Well, I've been doing my project but not updating my blog. I will figure out this schedule. Actually, I think that's my new goal of weekend's what I have in mind:
1. Figure out schedule
2. Finish bookcases
3. Build spice rack

I'm also going to work four hours of overtime tomorrow (it's my day off, but we're short-staffed), which will be a good way to spend no-Gabe-around time.

Anyway, that's a lot of current life for an entry I'm backdating... Hahaha. Here's my Witch project from Monday, when I had to create a witch-themed something around my eye (or someone else's...but given Homer's lack and Belle's unwillingness...well...)

Day 22: A Hatful of Stars


  1. Pretty! You should wear this out. :)

    1. It worked much better than I thought...but the second I smiled it turned into a mushy mess. :D