Friday, June 8, 2012

Witch 365, Hair, and Other Items

First, let's discuss how awesome, amazing, sweet, and thoughtful my husband is (this is one of my favourite topics!). 

I came home yesterday from my hang out with Onii and found this:

Loose leaf tea
 ...and then on the stove top:
After tea was made and I went to sit down with the dogs, I then found a love letter waiting for me.

Sweeter Still on the Inside
 Best. Husband. Ever. I love him...and us. :)

I mentioned earlier my antsy hair dilemma, so here I will now post the result. My little sister (via the phone) helped me select the shade (based on the name).

Box Dye Goodness
...and here is the result.

Subtle Red
Next time I'm going to go bright, or pink. Oh, to have fuschia....

I have also been doing my Witch 365 project! I went shopping and bought myself a potato...which I promptly cut into a witch's familiar. 

Day 18: The Potato Stamp
That was yesterday. Today I had to find flowers and petals and create my witch-themed item using them. Here is what I made:

Day 19: Flowers and Petals
Here is the other news: I am listening to Ready Player One right now.

Ready Player One

The book (which is AMAZING) is read by Will Wheaton (added awesome!). What is even *more awesome* is the fact that Ernest Cline is coming to Elliott Bay Book Company on June 20th to read...and last time he came to read for us, Will Wheaton joined him to do the reading. :)

I wish I could attend the reading, but I'm working that night! If you're in Seattle, come by and go to this reading.

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  1. LOVE the new hair! Also, your husband is super sweet. :) And yay for potato stamp!